donderdag 2 mei 2013

The new barbie in town

Hey everyone! I haven't been blogging alot for the last couple of weeks but I'm planning to have a big comeback and hope to be blogging alot again. I have been really busy with school because exams are coming up, luckily I have just one little month to go and I'll be having summer vacation!
Although I've been really busy with all kinds of stuff I am in a really great place in my life right now. Things are working out, future plans are actually being planned. I'm just enjoying everything right now, some of my friends are going through some rough patches right now and this really made me realize how lucky I am. People should really enjoy the little things in life more often. Just stop for a second and realize the happiness around you, focus on the positive and eliminate the negative. I think this hapiness is really reflecting on my outfits, I hope you like it!

 Goofing around a little with my bestie who's behind the camera and rocking that YMCA, love it!

Now about the outfit I am wearing, I have been stressing this neon trend and am still deeply, truly and intensely in love with it. The soft blue coloured jeans calm the popping pink in the sweater which makes it an everyday outfit that does turn some heads because of it's uniqueness. 

The cropped sweater is a Malene Birger which I got at one of my all time favourite shops in Zeist called Charm, now for the dutchies this is a real go to tip! They have good quality clothes and I believe almost 1/3 of my clothes I got at Charm. Now also another big part of my wardrobe is from another shop called Devereux in Apeldoorn which is kind of the same shop only where Charm is really classy Devereux is more edgy, and both are in their own way really unique! 
If you ever happen to walk by make sure to pop in!

 Don't you just love these Marc Jacobs sunglasses? I adore them. 

I hope you liked the outfit, and remember, stay happy!
xoxo, Caressa


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