vrijdag 28 december 2012

Hermès me under the mistletoe

The second christmas outfit I wore was more red, as it is christmas and couldn't pass going anywhere without showing a little red.
The Hermès scarf around my middle is the one I got at the By Danie vintage sale. Throughout the evening I managed to get a big spot on it from letting some oil dripping food fall on my lap! How I was in horror. Lucky for me I know the trick to get those nasty stains out of your silk ladies! A lot of talcum powder drazzled all over it and let it sit for a while -say one night- absorbes it all out of there. -happy me-
The red from my Lancaster red lipstick really matched the red in the scarf and aslo the red in the Azoal bracelets I was wearing -Which you can get at Pracht in Utrecht or Charm in Zeist as far as I know dutchies-

donderdag 27 december 2012

Green trees and red noses

Although I'm a bit late, HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
I hope all of you had a great christmas, I know I did!
I spent christmas with my family, the first day of christmas I was at my mom's. As it was christmas, i finally -FINALLYYYYYYYY!- had an opportunity to wear my Ted Baker dress. I have been looking forward to a moment where I could wear that dress, as I love it to death.
The heels are from Marc Ellis, I got them in a little store while visiting Paris last summer on one of my annual  trips with my best friend. I've been keeping those in the back of my closet for a while too, as I didn't go to any parties that were shoe proof -aka being able to go without ruining them- so finally I got the opportunity to wear some of my beloved items.
Also the blazer is a good oldie, my favorite Patricia Pepe that fits like a gem! I would wear it everyday if there weren't that many other fabulous fashion items out there!

vrijdag 21 december 2012

Feeling the pre-mood

Christmas is almost here, and we will all be able to celebrate it since we didn't die yesterday! -reason to party even harder coming weeks!-
Now every year it's the same with me, I am feeling the christmas mood weeks before the trees are up and full of lights. Every now and then that's also shown in my clothes, a good ol' green and red is never wrong this time of the year! Coming days I'll probably be partying or sitting at home and watching each and every christmas movie ever made. I just love the whole feeling to it; Together with family and friends, infront of the fire place with a cup of hot coco, the whole house decorated with little lights, mini winter villages, train sets and ofcourse the christmas tree! YES to it all!