dinsdag 12 maart 2013

Popin' neon

As I am writing this I am looking out my window, looking at the snow, and remembering how I felt just a few days ago when these picures were taken. It was the first day spring brought us a visit and the sun was shining at his best, amazing how such weather can have a really big impact on your mood. It made me instantly happy!
Moments like these always make me feel like going away from Holland one day, going abroad, to a place where the sun shines every day and where you can wear the cutest summer clothes! 
Yes. I'm making sure that will happen. 

Now about the outfit I am wearing here! I told you in my previous post that I was feeling the neon trend coming up, so I went and got my outfit a little pop! I love how the yellow inside of these 7 for all mankind jeans gives it an extra touch, a really unique item!  

Since it wasn't summer yet I felt like keeping the outfit calm even though it had such popping colours, I did that by combining it with black. Now ofcourse, for when it's summer I've got myself some neon jewels hanging in my closet just waiting to come out! I'm just feeling a little more popping in the summer I guess and a little more dark -in a complete non goth way haha- in the winter. For now, keeping it in the details.

I my previous post I was talking about how that would be the last winter-ish post since the weather was improving that much. I hope that will be true and that before the next shoot the sun will be looking around the corner again!

Are you falling in love with neon like I am?
xoxo, Caressa


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