vrijdag 21 december 2012

Feeling the pre-mood

Christmas is almost here, and we will all be able to celebrate it since we didn't die yesterday! -reason to party even harder coming weeks!-
Now every year it's the same with me, I am feeling the christmas mood weeks before the trees are up and full of lights. Every now and then that's also shown in my clothes, a good ol' green and red is never wrong this time of the year! Coming days I'll probably be partying or sitting at home and watching each and every christmas movie ever made. I just love the whole feeling to it; Together with family and friends, infront of the fire place with a cup of hot coco, the whole house decorated with little lights, mini winter villages, train sets and ofcourse the christmas tree! YES to it all!

These pictures were taken a few days ago while shopping in Apeldoorn. I was wearing my red leather jacket from Lederpaleis, Zoe Karssen skull hands tee, Zara green scarf with eagles, very very dark blue Tommy Hilfiger jeans, Fred de la Bretonniere black boots and my new and very loveable bag from Scotch and Soda.
This bag has the nicest touch to it, -I am in LOVEEE- the front is covered with sequins which you can brush up and down and then it changes colour, my bag is -when brushed down- black and -when brushed up- silver. My friends and I keep making figures or writing names in it when bored.
Scotch and Soda also have 2 jackets with the same touch to it, one is completely covered in these sequins and the other -for a more during the day look- only has it on the arms. Where I've also spotted this new thing is on a new line in the UGG shoes, they have it in multiple colours.
Also the Zoe Karssen tee -which isn't shown that much in these pictures- is an item that shocks the occasional adult, which I think is kinda funny. it suggests that a skelet is grabbing your boobs. Zoe Karssen also has a line where the hands are mickey mouse hands, still an item that I absolutely need but can't find anywhere.. :( So if you know where to buy the mickey mouse hands tees please comment! I'd love you till death! haha.

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  1. hoi jammer dat er niet zoveel mensen naar je blog kijken.. want je doet er duidelijk wel veel moeite voor. ik zag je link via girscene dus ik d8 ik ga ff kijke :)

    1. Er kijken gelukkig genoeg mensen naar mijn blog :) Hoezo dacht je van niet?