donderdag 27 december 2012

Green trees and red noses

Although I'm a bit late, HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
I hope all of you had a great christmas, I know I did!
I spent christmas with my family, the first day of christmas I was at my mom's. As it was christmas, i finally -FINALLYYYYYYYY!- had an opportunity to wear my Ted Baker dress. I have been looking forward to a moment where I could wear that dress, as I love it to death.
The heels are from Marc Ellis, I got them in a little store while visiting Paris last summer on one of my annual  trips with my best friend. I've been keeping those in the back of my closet for a while too, as I didn't go to any parties that were shoe proof -aka being able to go without ruining them- so finally I got the opportunity to wear some of my beloved items.
Also the blazer is a good oldie, my favorite Patricia Pepe that fits like a gem! I would wear it everyday if there weren't that many other fabulous fashion items out there!

The details on the heels are also amazing, it has a rough black diamond feel to it which makes it that much more special!

What did you all get for christmas? I got really pampered, my mom found this hat that I wanted for so long now! It was the last one in the store, too good to be true.

My second day of christmas outfit will be on the blog very soon!

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