vrijdag 28 december 2012

Hermès me under the mistletoe

The second christmas outfit I wore was more red, as it is christmas and couldn't pass going anywhere without showing a little red.
The Hermès scarf around my middle is the one I got at the By Danie vintage sale. Throughout the evening I managed to get a big spot on it from letting some oil dripping food fall on my lap! How I was in horror. Lucky for me I know the trick to get those nasty stains out of your silk ladies! A lot of talcum powder drazzled all over it and let it sit for a while -say one night- absorbes it all out of there. -happy me-
The red from my Lancaster red lipstick really matched the red in the scarf and aslo the red in the Azoal bracelets I was wearing -Which you can get at Pracht in Utrecht or Charm in Zeist as far as I know dutchies-

Next to the azoal bracelets I was wearing I would like to show you my regulars. On my right arm I always wear the black and gold bracelet, the golden 2 rowed bracelet -which I got from my great grandmother for my 18th-, the white string bracelet which I got from my best friend and stands for trust. Also the rings; I always wear 3 golden rings, one of them goes from girl to girl in my family and I'm the fourth generation to wear it, it's the one with the blue saphires in it. The one on my middle finger was my great grandmothers weddingring which I got for my 18th also and last but not least is the ring that isn't shown on the picture, it's a small golden ring with brilliants in it that my mom got from my grandmother when she was little and gave it to me later.

Hope you found your lucky present under the mistletoe this year and else, there is always the big 00:00 in 2013! 
xoxo, Caressa

4 opmerkingen:

  1. wauwww... mooie outfit.
    Vanwaar zijn je panty's?

  2. Dankje :)
    De meeste panty's die ik heb zijn van wolford of bonnie doon, vind ik zelf de fijnste merken!

  3. thanks, welke heb je nu aan. Heb er ook van wolford. Satin touch 20den. Maar mss zou ik toch een dikkere aandoen voor met kerst. Of zou ik voor huidskleur gaan?Heb ongeveer zelfde kleedje als jou.

  4. Sorry voor de late reactie! Heb hier een 50den aan, ikzelf ben geen grote fan van huidskleurige, dan zou ik sneller voor een zwarte met minder den gaan om het geheel er wat zachter uit te laten zien.