zondag 3 maart 2013

Touch of suede

The past couple of days I have been quite under the weather as I got ill in my holiday to Austria. I went there to go snowboarding but I got to board for only 3 hours and spent the rest of my holiday in bed. Now as I got better, I am enjoying the small improvement in the weather as winter is slowly turning into spring and summer is getting closer and closer!
The outfit I'm wearing is still a cold coloured winter outfit, but as I was endulging myself in neon's and brights -which I believe will be all around us coming seasons- in a shop yesterday  I could really feel summer again and look forward to sun and happiness. I hope that soon, very very soon, we can show off our shorts and bikini's again!

The simplicity and uniqueness of this Ralph Lauren shirt stunns me. And how I love the suede touch on the shoulder that matches my brown suede heels!

And as I am writing this while my 2 year old brother is dancing his butt off in my room, I think it's time to say goodbye fashionlovers, I'll write to you soon!

xoxo, Caressa.


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