donderdag 20 september 2012

Love and Lace

I don't know about you, but I am green with jealousy, I would have killed to be at one of the Fashion Weeks! I will post a link to a summary FashionTV made for us -the unfortunate ones- of the NY fashion week. But for now, this is an outfit I wore the other day, nice simplicity is not what I normally wear but I like it in this combination! I am not wearing any jewelry besides my usual right hand party and it made me feel kinda bare. Don't you ever feel that way? Like something is missing. But as the great coco chanel once said '' When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.'' Less is more! Although I like to break this rule sometimes -as the big rebel I am ofcourse- and I really like it!  

I just love these aqua coloured, gold shimmering Supertrash jeans. It makes the simpelest outfit stand out and ofcourse so do neon coloured jeans too, these could easily be replaced by any other bright coloured jeans! Although, this aqua colour together with the lace top from Primark gives it a nice soft feeling. A lovely and deadly easy outfit for any day to wear :)
I wore a skin coloured top underneath this see through lace top because I hate it when you see the lines of tops through your clothes. I think this is the ideal solution and almost not noticeable.

Hope you enjoyed!
xoxo, Caressa

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