donderdag 13 september 2012

Who is this chick?

Hey there! I'm Caressa, a 17 year old girl from a small village in Holland who is just ca-ray-zyyy about fashion! I go to school in Utrecht where I spend most of my days. I'm in my last year of VWO, which I believe is called pre-university in English. From now on I will be updating you with pics of my outfits or other fashion items, just to share the things I deeply love. 

This picture of me you see here was taken in Paris this summer, I went there with my best friend for 4 days just to enjoy as much fashion as possible. I'm wearing a Brandy Melville top, bag and bracelet and some River Island golden studded shorts

Please tell a friend, lover, mother or other rocker about me, 'cause I'd like to get some comments on what you think of my outfits! 

xo, Caressa

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