donderdag 27 september 2012

Autumn lovers

 Hey you guys! Autumn is starting, leaves are falling, trees are turning yellow, how I love the look of autumn! It is the season in which I was born so that might contribute to the feelings I get when it's autumn. The cosy hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, i like that.
And just now Ted Baker enlarged my autumn feelings by about a 10871%! If that is in fact possible.. This new coat I bought is my ultimate love. I've been getting tons of compliments about it and are more than happy with it! One more reason why I love autumn, I can wear my lovely red Ted Baker coat :)
I felt more mature in it some way, maybe because of the longer model, someone said to me I looked 22 with the coat on. That's 5 years more than I am now, and secretly it felt amazing!
xoxo, caressa

1 opmerking:

  1. Leuke jas! Heb ook een rode wollen jas en het is idd altijd een complimentjes vanger.