woensdag 17 oktober 2012

Meet 'n greet

I recently was lucky enough to have a meet 'n greet with the dutch band bløf through one of the events on my mothers work. I went there with a friend of mine. During their performance it was wasn't sure yet but just before the end we were told that we could go backstage and meet them. I am -to be honest- not their biggest fan, but I do think that they have really amazing and touching songs. They mostly sing in dutch so for the non-dutchies I will try to find an english song, or at least as much english as possible so you can hear what they're all about! On stage the energy is everywhere, it's a real show and a blast to watch! I had a lot of fun meeting them and had some nice convo's. :)

- I was wearing (which isn't shown totally on the pictures) a Supertrash draping top, Zara white blazer, Supertrash black jeans, Azoal red bracelets and beige Prada sneakers -

Bløf and counting crows - holiday in spain

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