dinsdag 9 oktober 2012

Online shopping

I will write this post about online shopping, I've been online shopping for a few years now and I am drugged! The shops I mostly shop from are asos.com welikefashion.com zara.com forever21.com ... The easy thing about online shopping is that you can just order anything you like and send back the things you don't like or that don't fit well. Paypall is the best and safest method to pay with, you have the possibility to get insurance on the boxes or pay for the  items at home.

I also use Ebay sometimes which is a bit less save but if you use your head and my tips I'm sure you will be just fine! You can get a lot of stuff for half of the store prices and you have the ability to sell things that you don't like anymore.
The largest selection of rare items which you might be looking for on Ebay are mostly on Ebay.uk Ebay.fr and Ebay.de.

Some tips on avoiding buying a replica or an item which isn't a 100% original:
- The best way is to buy from power sellers or Ebay shops and people with a lot of positive feedback.
- Do not buy anything from people with negative feedback or none at all.
- Be realistic about how much money it will cost. An authentic Birkin from Hermes at 500 euros if the store price is 4000 will never be real.
- Totally new bags without any scratches have a high chance on being fake.
- A person that sells a bag because she claims that she got 2 of the exact same items as a present is kinda unrealistic.. I never got 2 chanel bags unfortunately..
- If the seller is ok with bringing an item to the shop to verify the authenticity or if he tells you to do it, it's probably safe.
- You should always use paypall as a payment method, it's the only method that will get you your money back if the item is not sent or if it's different from the photo's or description (fake).
- Ebay specialized online shops are trustworthy
- If you buy shoes, be sure about the size, try them on in a shop or ask the seller for the real sizes.

I hope it will help you with your future purchases!
xoxo, Caressa

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