dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

Rock it fashion style!

Missoni, Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Zoe Karssen, and it keeps on going! The real fashion loving Dutchies were spotted at The Harbour Club Amsterdam where Danie from ByDanie organised a big vintage sale (at least 70% off!). You had to pay3,50 to get in and at the end of the day that money would be doubled and donated to the 'Make a Wish' foundation!
I was there with a friend of mine where I scored a hermes scarf, which is my new love! Here you can see me before making pictures, totally loving it.
I am sure there will soon be an outfit rocking my hermes scarf, but for now, these are the pictures we took that day!

I think this outfit would be in the catagory 'Fashion rocker', it's rocking because of the black leather jacket and the crossed tee, but the I <3 my moment limited edition scarf kinda gives it a fashion touch. The armani bag you see here I got thanks to my -sometimes too overenthousiastic- grandma who bought it in a young spirited mood. Later on she went to me and asked if I wanted it because she felt like it might be a little bit too youthfull for her. Thats an offer I can't pass!

I am also wearing a ''WWNPHD'' dogtag bracelet which a friend and I thought of together after watching the Harold and Kumar movies. I like it alot because it has a fun touch to it!
If you ever find yourself in a rather bad situation you just ask yourself 'What would Neil Patrick Harris do?'' He would stop being sad and be awesome instead!'
And if you are sitting behind your laptop right now wondering who the F Neil Patrick Harris is, he is also an actor in the 'When I met your mother' series and his character has written a book that is actually for sale called 'The bro code' BIG recomminder! Google him please!

Have fun today fashionista's!
xoxo, Caressa

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