dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

Urban Jungle

 Hi there! This is an outfit I wore today, it's a little bit jungle inspired, and since I don't live in a jungle a cornfield will do! I am wearing my good ol' black leather jacket, a go to every girl with a black leather jacket will understand. I'm wearing one of my red repeat sweaters, black supertrash jeans, black prada sneakers, a leopard print scarf and I am also carrying along my mom's old and precious Louis Vuitton bag!

On the picture below you can see my Louis Vuitton bag which I call one of my mom's closet treasure's. She got this bag from my dad when they were still married on one of their anniversary's, along with a matching wallet. As it was just being sad and lonely in the back of her closet I -as the considerate good person I am- happily adopted it, it now has it's own place in my closet and heart :)
What about you? Have you ever found a closet treasure in your mother's or maybe grandmother's closet?

xoxo, Caressa

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