zaterdag 5 januari 2013

Dazzling in 2013

As well as all girls know, a new start means a new opportunity. Many think of new years as a way to start over, make resolutions; eat healthier, exercise more, stop with whatever addiction you might have.. -CHOCOLATE!- I like to think that if something has to change, change it! Create your own new start. Don't make promises to yourself of which you know you won't follow up to. It makes me more content with myself and I like being happy with who I am at every moment of the year!

The new year however, should be started in the best possible way! And every time I think of the best possible way, I think of glitters. Now not to let myself go, I tried to add a nice golden glitter touch to my new years outfit. I added golden eyeliner underneath my black eyeliner for a festive look, but also, because it's newyears, red lipstick! Love it!
The shorts that are the main piece of my outfit were a steal! €25 at the sting, now I must add, the quality of the shorts weren't very good, but as I am not planning on wearing them often, only at a party in the future maybe, I shut my eyes to the little defaults. Because I was wearing such eyecatching shorts I wanted to make the rest of my outfit nice and simple so I wasn't overdoing it with black simple heels and an oversized black blouse. Let me know how you like your festive outfits!

xoxo, Caressa


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