zaterdag 12 januari 2013

Wanna know my secrets?

Hello fashion lovers,
Today might be your lucky day, as I will be sharing my top sample sale and vintage sites with you. Designer with 50-80% off? Yes please.

- has vintage designer bags, shoes, scarfs etc, they are specialized in making shure it's the real deal, this is my number one site ever!

- delivers you immense sales with an 36-hour time limit and makes sure you're not wearing a Channel or a Ted Barer

- featured designer duds for just $1 on its first birthday, and on its second birthday, the deal was $2 for premiere handbags, shoes and more.

- has this elite club feeling to it, so you won't feel like an obsessive coupon cutter but still get the deals.

- tells you in advance what's going on sale that week, so you don't have to check every day.

- offers deals and gives subscribers a teaser on what's going to come later in the week.

- offers a schedule of events so you know what's on sale, when.

- Let's you find items like any normal online shop in the best way and then directs you to the site with the most discount.

I hope you find your it-bag, and treasure these sites ladies, these are my bibles. -besides my Vogues ofcourse-
xoxo, Caressa

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Op mijn site vind je ook de laatste sample sales van over heel Nederland. Wist je trouwens dat halfjaarlijks (in April en Oktober) de antwerpse designers stockverkoop houden? (Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, AF Vandevorst, Anna Heylen, ...) De exacte data post ik op mijn site dus hou in de gaten!