maandag 28 januari 2013

Shopping in contrasts

Hi fashionlovers!
Yesterday I went to Amsterdam with a friend of mine to do some shopping which I love! The feeling when you get home and get to unpack all the things and put them in your closet, give them their own little place where you can admire them, I love it. Now, this may seem a little crazy but I just can't explain the feeling of happiness that comes over me after a good shoppingspree!

I am wearing some new items involving the earrings which are rhodochrosite stones and I love them as they are simple yet a statement when you wear your hair up. The other new item that is draping around my neck is this grey skull scarf from Zara. I think it makes the whole outcome of a look a bit more rough, as this outfit would be too sweet without it.

 I did some shopping sinning yesterday as I bought a Burberry trenchcoat. A coat like that has been on my wishlist for ages and after some good thinking I said to myself: ''this is an investment''. I can't wait for all the snow to disappear and the sun to come back to do some extra shining so I can wear it whenever I want to. :) I will not have to buy a trenchcoat for many many years now, so it kinda pays itself right?
I have this calendar 'The shopaholics daily calendar' and it had something extremely comforting advice on it the other day. Let me quote what it said.

''Wednesday January 2 Expert advice:
Remember this formula: Price ÷ how many times you wear it = Cost per wear. So, your favorite $200 shoes can have a CPW that's less than bus fare. A pair of $100 jeans that you live in comes in at mere pennies. I bought a (pricey) Lanvin bag last fall, which I've used every day for six months. I think that means Lanvin is now actually paying me for the bag.
- Brandon Holley, editor-in-chief, Lucky magazine''

-I got this calendar at the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam-

Tell me what you think of this sweet pink, rough/black/leather/skull contrast!
xoxo, Caressa


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  1. The feminine pink and punky grey/skull/leather contrast is terrific.

    I totally agree, unpacking everything once I get home is one of the best parts of shopping!